Aravali International School

Aravali team works their fingers to the bones from action planning to designing from pedagogy to learning and teaching strategies. We follow Collaborative Deep Design Thinking (CCDT). CDDT is a human Centered approach towards inquiry, critical thinking and creative thinking leading to innovative solutions. This approach builds student’s abilities to empathize with issues around them and provides them with tools to take action (personal/societal).

The design thinking model works in the following manner:



Discoveries are crucial to set off in the right direction by focusing on the new findings or problems and working towards their practical solutions.  The space is researched, new concepts or problem areas are identified , and enough evidences are gathered and initial direction is set on what to do next.


Problems or challenges are first defined and then solved with the help of inference and interpretation. Brainstorming helps students focus, frame the issues, inspire and inform criteria/s for evaluating and keep the question in the realm of ‘actionable.”


Celebrating the power of possibility. Ideation is about developing ideas on how to seize the opportunities which have been identified above. What are the possible answers to the breakthrough questions?  Ideation discourages linear thinking and helps to step beyond obvious solutions. In general, it is generating ideas with a specific context in mind. Ideas could be anything, just anything, without any constraints. It makes students phenomenal out-of-the-box thinker.


Experiments keep ideas alive. An idea is nurtured and evolved to allow key questions to be asked and answered that need to help ideas succeed. New experiments are tried and new learning established by working on the ideas. Finally, the learning is incorporated and tried again.


Challenging assumptions and exploring new pathways and ideas make the students evolve into their better self. Evolution fosters creativity, removes our blinkers and makes the students consider alternative solutions.