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At Aravali, we are cognizant of the role of school leadership and its impact on all facets of education, teacher motivation, creating the right environment for teaching and learning and broader stakeholder management.

  • We have instituted an intensive training and mentoring process for our leaders titled ‘Udaan Shitij ki Aur’ . This leadership retreat is carried out every year and followed up by deep dive coaching and mentoring processes. School leaders are also given an opportunity to attend various leadership programs and taken on exposure visits. A few years ago our leadership team visited Finland to learn about the innovative practices followed there.
  • Our leaders develop their action plans for change identifying clear evidences for change which are tracked
  • We also engage in quarterly conversations titled “Samvaad” with the school staff in order to engage more deeply, understand best practices and concerns and identify talent within the school.
  • Within our schools , we have a strong focus on the use of data to diagnose learning gaps, provide feedback to teachers and plan teacher professional development. Our ERP supports us in this process
  • Clearly defined roles and job descriptions at every level has helped in ease of communication and improvement in performance
  • Mentoring, coaching and feedback for leadership as well as teachers are a regular part of the process. Teachers are mentored by their peers, by Department Heads and by the Curriculum and Training team.
  • Our leadership programs have led to change in behaviour and practices of school leaders resulting in better school climate, implementation of innovative pedagogy, data based decision making and improved collaboration among all stakeholders.