Aravali International School



Performing art is an integral part of the curriculum at Aravali International School .

The courses broadly provide an introduction to the study of music, dance and the development of oratorical skills.

AIS focuses on the performance aspect of each dance and it undertakes specialised training in Indian and Western genres. In the Indian context, the teaching experts help the children excel in Kathak, Bharat Natyam, Folk and contemporary dance forms.

Oratorical skills and performance prowess are enhanced in every child through regular exposure during the annual fiesta and other functions providing a range of cultural experiences and opportunities each year. Collaborative opportunities for participation in all performing arts are provided through inter-disciplinary learning such as mathematics with music.

At Aravali International School integrate performing arts into educational experiences that help the students in learning other subjects, such as science, as

Art is a subject that has no substitute. Visual art has various forms that help to let out human emotions & skills. Visual Art at school education can help students in bringing out creativity as well as developing an overall personality. It helps them in fundamental thinking while improving their psychological as well as creative aptitudes.

Visual arts are termed as the study of ceramics, printmaking, sketching, crafting, painting, textile design, drawing, Digital Painting, photography, sculptures,

“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow men.” – Herman Melville

An indispensable part of the curriculum at Aravali is the Community Outreach Programme. Aravali in its spirit of spearhead the growth of a thought process, which is distinguished by inclusivity and empathy, has begun a programme of community reach involving students. This endeavour aligns with Aravali’s

Sport plays a primary role in youth development; including improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, better psychosocial skills and fewer behavioural problems. We focus on the effects of sports emphasizing on the five C’s – competence, confidence, connections, character and caring. The many facets of playing sports are Discipline of training, Learning Teamwork, Leadership skills and learning to lose as well, helps develop lifelong skills. Sports activities help to nurture the qualities like competitive spirit, interpersonal skills, coping mechanism, personal conduct and hygiene and also inculcate sportsmanship and team spirit. Bearing this in mind the club offers several activities so that students can opt according to their choice and acumen. The club helps to promote the development of skills and co-ordination through a structured Physical Education Programs.

Aravali student council strengthens skills of leadership, democratic behavior, problem solving skills, innovativeness and decision making amongst apex body members. Student Council members showcase commitment, earnestness and diligence in fulfilling their responsibilities towards their juniors and peers. Their keen interest and enthusiasm to work for school to grow and rise can be witnessed in their endeavours to work as team in constant and mutual understanding with teachers, students and community.

Aravali constantly strives for all round development of students. Holidays are indeed for rejuvenation, heightened creativity and fun and frolic. We make it ‘Carpe Diem’ (Seize the Moment) experience for our students by organising Summer Enrichment Camps. Offline and Online activities involve students actively in creative activities like face painting, tattoo making, activities related to mindfulness like mandala art, Communication skills-based activities like storytelling, performing arts skills like theatre, cinematic skills like movie time, interdisciplinary skills like robotics and development of fine motor skills like clay modelling etc.

To inculcate inquiring and inquisitive minds Project based learning is given special emphasis during enrichment programs. Project Based Learning comprises an ongoing process of feedback and revision as well as reflection. Hence, students are helped to acquire content knowledge and skills in order to answer a driving question based on an authentic problem, need, challenge, or concern. Some of themes covered so far are “ Genres of Music”, “ Musical Water Glasses” and “ Heritage and Culture” .