Aravali International School


Aravali Foundation advanced from a need to provide a system to deliver an education built for ever-growing minds producing higher achievement and greater equality and to prepare students for a dynamic and increasingly interconnected world. We pursue to create an environment where students can ideate, experiment and explore. A a space where they can learn, adapt, grow and finesse in different spheres of life.

Learning is a multi-domain procedure. With Aravali International School, students will be propelled to look beyond borders and achieve excellence. Moral values, respect, and empathy are the golden words that are ingrained in the DNA of the Aravalites.

Along with theoretical knowledge, we provide extra-curriculars such as art, dance, sports, music and theater equal value. We lay strong emphasis on building every student’s foundational competencies and skills. The mentors at Aravali are empowered to augment the skills and competencies of the students. They help by building a strong framework by stimulating critical thinking, inducing empathy and ensuring that students secure success in every facet of life. Our belief in thorough academic research is based on rigorous assessment and scrutiny.