Aravali International School




Mr. Dhan Singh Bhadana, with a clear vision of fabricating cream of the crop, has built an educational empire that is serving the masses in a manner considered unattainable by most. The Chairman of Aravali group, Shri Dhan Singh Bhadana, is at the forefront of various educational Institutes that are geared up to create a benchmark in providing inclusive, holistic development to every citizen of a modern progressive nation, irrespective of their socioeconomic reality and individual in any aspect.

“While educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.” This became the mission of Aravali Group with a progressive educationist guiding us with his firm beliefs in the universal development of an individual in whom compassion and humanity precede intellect and acumen.


MADHURI PARTI is a visionary and futuristic educationist. She has vast experience in setting schools, has started and led various schools and played a vital role in the evolution of the learning experience. With an experience of over two decades learning environments, developing out of the box curriculum and promoting hands on learning. She has brought a paradigm shift in the learning methodology, which includes collaborative learning adding creativity, innovation and honing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of students. Ms. Parti has been phenomenal in bringing a 180-degree change in the Pedagogy of the Aravali international School and leading it into the global thinking process.


Aravali Foundation evolved from a need to provide a system to deliver an education built for the evolving minds producing higher achievement and greater equality and to prepare students for an evolving and increasingly interconnected world. We aim to create a place where students explore, experiment and create. A space for learning care, traditions values and mistakes.

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