Aravali International School


Celebrate the power of possibility!

Ideate is the space to imagine without judgment, a variety of “wild, darling and practical” ideas.  Ideation discourages linear thinking and helps people step beyond obvious solutions. In general, it is generating ideas with a specific context in mind. Ideas could be anything, just anything, without any constraints. It makes us a phenomenal out-of-the-box thinker. 


Inferring-interpreting a question or challenge based on empathy often changes the original problem a child thinks he understood how to solve. Defining a problem or challenge based on the needs of users provides focus, frames the issue, inspires and empowers, informs criteria for evaluating competing ideas and keeps the question in the realm of “actionable.”


Trying something new – experimenting, learning from those experiments and working on the ideas, incorporating the learnings and trying again. Experiments keep ideas alive. They nurture and evolve an idea, allow those key questions to be asked and answered that need to help ideas succeed.


Research the space, identify new concepts or problem areas, and gather enough evidence and initial direction on what to do next. Discoveries are crucial to set off in the right direction by focusing on the new findings or problems and working towards their practical solutions.


Challenging assumptions and exploring new pathways and ideas makes us evolve into our better self. Evolution fosters creativity, removes our blinkers and makes us consider alternative solutions, harbours teamwork and collaboration and ingrain the culture of innovation in a child.