Aravali International School



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Aravali International School started with a bunch of students and teachers at Sec 43 believing that learning is a lifelong spiralling process, evolution of mind, growth of body, fulfilment of senses, where students are mentored and motivated to commit mistakes, to take risks while exploring, to fall and then bounce back stronger than before. They are the axis of Aravali School.

A K-12 School spread over in 13 acres amidst the majestic and ethereal Aravali Hills, it’s an open and airy structure with infusion of natural elements. Constructed as per the movement of Sun and Earth, to provide natural light and warmth during winters and cool during summers, students love to explore their creative ideas in the lap of nature.

Ranked 2nd as Emerging School by Times School Survey

Ranked 1st as Best School by EdTech Savvy Schools in India

Smart Classrooms

WiFi Campus

World-class Swimming pool


Strive to Thrive

We get our energy from our students, from their happiness, from their excitement at new discoveries and from the new knowledge and perspectives that they built in their individual learning journeys. Our students who are trained in CDDT process are curious, inquisitive, self-disciplined and focused, and believe in building their own perspectives and knowledge. An Aravali learner is resilient, compassionate and ethical and understands the need to be doer, our children are encouraged to balance their Queue

Intelligence Quotient

Every child’s mind is a trampoline with ideas bouncing in and out

The test of first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.

Emotional Quotient

Every child has its own emotional need and understanding

They may forget what you said-but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Physical Quotient

Let’s harness the physical energy of the child to the path of well-being

However strong your mind is, its your body who has to do all the work. So, sweat it out and make it efficient.

Adversity Quotient

Children are the most resilient beings in the face of adversity

Adversity introduces an individual to itself.

Financial Quotient

Financial training starts early for our students

If saving money is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Happiness Quotient

Children are the torch bearer of happiness. They are the teachers of happiness to the world

 Success is not the key to Happiness, Happiness is the key to Success.

Spiritual Quotient

Children only seek God and spirituality not idols

There is an ultimate joy and tremendous freedom in belonging to any group, place or to anybody. This is spiritual liberation.


Aravali schools are futuristic inclusive schools that have different belief system rooted in the traditional Indian Philosophy of experiential learning. We provide the foundation of diversity while being inclusive, safety while exploring, healthy while being happy and an environment where great ideas may germinate. Our students set their high goals in Linguistics, Mathematics, Sciences, Creative Arts, Physical Studies and Technology on their quest for happiness and contentment.


Aravali foundation has evolved from a need to provide a system to deliver an education built for the blossoming minds producing higher achievement and greater equality and to prepare students for a dynamic and increasingly interconnected world.


Curriculum of a school should be such that it suits the need of the time, is versatile and dynamic in approach, fluid in an adaptation of the new possibilities, provide a hook to a child’s curiosity and makes him independent. From 2021, we are taking a design thinking approach to our teaching.


Focus on training each side of your child’s brain, allowing the brain to work in sync. We take education one small step forward to enable our students to take one giant leap for mankind.


At Aravali, schools are more than desks. Choosing to explore the art room is a natural choice for any student. We have sculpting labs,a painting room, well-lit dancing and yoga studio, theatres and soundproof acoustic.