Aravali International School



“While educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts”, said by Dalai Lama is the guiding force which the Chairman of Aravali group holds as firm belief for his team to follow religiously. Aravali chain of educational institutions is his vision turned reality. He believes that students are heart and soul of the school and for their all-round development it is important to transform experience into knowledge. He believes that emhasis should be laid on active experimentation, keen observation of self and surroundings and clear understanding of the abstract and concrete concepts by the students.

Sh. Bhadana believes his team of educationists i.e. principal and teachers should have clear vision as any organisation advances when a clear and widely understood vision creates tension between real and the ideal, pushing people to work together to reduce the gaps, aiding decision making, attracting and motivating talent, maintaining focus, instilling strategic leadership and creating a legacy. He is of the opinion that for shared learning goals and collaboration it is important that community should walk hand in hand with educational institutions. It will not only support personalised student learning but also helps in nurturing collaboration and reflective practices.


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