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Dr. Manorama Mathur
Dr. Manorama Mathur

"We believe that a mere infrastructural growth is purely cosmetic. The soul, too has to be enriched. We believe that the mind & soul must revel, for life is a celebration"

Education is emerging as the most powerful platform to progress in a scenario where global boundaries are vanishing and people of diverse cultures, nationalities are merging in this 'boundary-less' world. Future experts to be produced by the college will have to face the fierce competition in the open market with a global perspective with new ideas. With this in mind, the college has incorporated the latest trend with upgraded programmes and innovative methods of teaching. It is heartening to note that the college is already receiving appreciation from highly placed international public schools. This further strengthens the resolve of the college to keep continuous quest for excellence in this field for quality education.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world today. We want to create an atmosphere where our students achieve all round success for themselves and leave footprints for the coming generations to follow. I am glad to have a dedicated team of faculty to achieve the aims and objectives of the college. College is dedicated to impart the value education to their preservice teachers and teacher educators by organizing different types of cultural, social, moral and aesthetic activities which develop the 'we' feeling in students.

I welcome you all to the college where you will feel at home and learn a lot in the field of education. In this college, the latest technology, innovative teaching methodologies and quality education are blended together to create unique learning experiences. I extend my best wishes to the students who are ready to take challenging tasks in their professional career as teachers and teacher educators.